Art in the Workplace – What You Need to Know

Modern office design is all about creating a space that is more welcoming, more inspiring and more productive. So, is art an effective way to achieve this? Here’s what our team of contemporary office furniture specialists have to say.

Art is an Untapped Source of Office Wellness 

Numerous studies have shown that while modern office chairs, flexible hot-desking and even plant life have become a focus for creating wellness in the office, art is one area that has been largely ignored. According to a study by Leesman, an organization dedicated to evaluating how workplaces support and affect employee and organizational performance, 80% of office workers say they feel apathy or even hate for the current artwork in their workplace.

Many office design companies as well as the organizations themselves treat office art as simple background decoration that’s not worth the effort to include in their wellness remodel – but this is a very incorrect attitude, and here’s why:

Firstly, art is a great wa…

Tips for Your Office Acoustics

Most companies are continuing to move towards open plan workspaces as they save on office overheads and space while boosting productivity, communication and collaboration. However, if these spaces aren’t designed properly, you’ll get the opposite effect as noise and speech distractions make employees frustrated, less productive and unable to concentrate. Here are some tips for keeping your office acoustics down to a comfortable level, from our specialists in modern office cubicles and ergonomic desks.
Get the mix of settings right: Open plan design is not just about knocking down all the walls and expecting productivity to go up – it’s about creating a place that works with your employee needs. Recent studies show that workers spend on average just 30-50% of their day working at their desk – so where else are they working and what does that work require? Having a mix of settings to meet these needs – including private and meeting spaces – will prevent open plan spaces from becoming noi…

A Guide to Creating a Health-Focused Workplace

Health and wellness in the workplace is a key focus for commercial office interiors that incorporates everything from architectural design right down to corporate office furniture. Here are some insights into the importance of this movement and how to achieve it in your business, from our team based in New Jersey.

Why Target Workplace if We Want to Get Healthier? 

There are several reasons why the workplace can have such a significant impact on living healthier lives. These include:

The amount of time we spend in the workplace: For most people, it’s common to spend more time in the workplace than anywhere else. In fact, most people spend 70% of their waking hours at work, so it’s impossible to cram all our healthy habits into just that remaining 30%.Investing in health in the workplace shows a significant ROI: While most businesses care about the health of their employees, there’s one thing every company will pay attention to – their bottom line. Companies with healthier, happier emplo…

How Technology is Impacting Office Design

It wasn’t that long ago when the relationship between technology and office design was focused on making a big enough hole in a desk or partition for all those cables. These days, the relationship has evolved into something far more complex, exciting and interesting. Here are some insights from our specialists on contemporary office interiors.

It’s Not Just About Enough Space and the Right Tech 

Office design used to be about ensuring that you had enough space in the right area and then filling it with sufficient computers and office equipment for the staff you had – think the famous workspace of The Office. These days, companies have realized that office design plays a pivotal role in the success of a business, and that technology needs to be an integrated part of that design, not just a tool for day-to-day business.

The right office design promotes the mental, physical and social wellness of employees – not only to their benefit, but with a meaningful impact on your bottom line. Ach…

Inside Activity-Based Working (ABW)

Activity-Based Working is a design philosophy that’s become a big trend over the last few years because it effectively contributed towards cost-savings on office real estate and furnishings – but that’s not the only reason. Even more significant savings over the long term can be seen in a far broader and more subtle area – the system’s ability to foster employee wellness on a mental, physical and social level.

Modern Office Design Ideas and Our Natural Environment 

Unlike traditional workplace designs like cubicles, rows of desks or even private offices, ABW actually emulates our natural environment. Biophillic characteristics, which are the instinctive human affiliations with the natural world, are an integral part of this design. These include the incorporation of natural lighting and diurnal working hours, the incorporation of plants and natural materials, access to fresh air, and much more. Even the structure of ABW spaces mimic our ancestors need to move from place to place throu…

Be Inspired by the “Colors of Humanity” Building for Doctors Without Borders

In 2017, Steven Holl Architects won the privilege of designing the new Geneva headquarters for humanitarian aid specialists Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). Their innovative plans beat stiff competition from internationally acclaimed firms as their energy-efficient “Colors of Humanity” design caught the eyes and hearts of the organization.

Modern Office Design Ideas and Features of the Colors of Humanity Building 

The primary impact of this design is captured in its elegant façade of multi-hued photovoltaic glass. This glass box design is created from panels that are 40% transparent with red, blue, and green tints, that perform two vital duties in the function of the building. Not only does it create the interior framework of the building inside, it also produces up to 72% of the building’s energy requirement. It’s also designed to be open-ended, so the building can be easily expanded to fit future needs.

Each block of colored glass along with the building’s stacked…

Making The Workplace Your Happy Place

When most people think of their so-called happy place, they don’t think of their office – but is there a way that these spaces in which we spend so much of our lives can become a positive space? Here are some insights from our team of corporate office furniture specialists.

Principles for a happier workplace 

Extensive research from YourStudio found that there are five principles each workplace should embody in order to become a progressive, happy and effective workplace – purpose, health, freedom, growth, and community. Combined with your company’s unique culture and vision, committing to these principles works to transform the drudgery of work into a positive part of daily life.

This is especially essential for incoming generations to the workplace, as work culture has seen a significant shift from the traditional “work for a pay check” culture towards working for a purpose – being part of something bigger.

Introverts can come to the table 

Traditionally, the workplace has suited ext…