How To Design A Welcoming Office Reception Area

A great office reception area sets the tone for your business – it influences your employees as they walk in the door, it welcomes clients and guests, and it tells everyone exactly what your business is all about. Here are some of the best modern office design ideas to help you achieve this!

Proportion and layout: Plan your reception area to accommodate furniture in proportion to the space allocated, remembering to leave wide passages open for easy flow of people and deliveries. The area between your doors and reception desk should be unobstructed, and your reception staff should be placed in a position where they can easily see the door and anyone walking through it. Glass partition walls can be used to create the right sized space and to separate the reception from other office space without cutting out natural light. It can also be embellished with artistic designs or your company logo.Seating: Comfortable seating is an essential for every business, whether you’re running a doctor’…

Tips For Creating An Ergonomic Workspace

If you work at a desk for a living, chances are that you accept a certain level of discomfort as normal – after all, you’re staying stationary over a computer keyboard for hours at a time, right? Wrong! With a few adjustments and the right commercial office furniture, you can make your workspace a much more comfortable and healthier place to be.

Is an ergonomic workspace worth it?
In short, yes. Numerous studies have shown that sitting at your desk incorrectly can cause repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis or back strain. Even though it might mean replacing some items in favor of ergonomic desks or more modern office chairs, your body will thank you in the long run. Not only will you be healthier, your productivity should increase too!

Just follow these easy tips:
Invest in adjustable chairs: Each of us have different length legs and torsos, so it makes sense that a non-adjustable chair just isn’t going to work for everyone. The right way to us…

How To Make Your Office Remodel A Success

Remodeling your offices is a big job but it does bring great rewards if it’s done correctly. Here are some tips and advice to help you make the most of this investment.

Ask the hard questions: Remodeling is a significant financial and time commitment, so it’s important to be clear with your objectives from the start. Is remodeling definitely better than relocating? What are the objectives behind the remodel? What are the limitations on the project – like budget or time constraints? What ROI is expected for this project?Know your space: Every building has its own unique set of strengths, limitations, and character. In your planning phase, think about how you can capitalize on unique features (for example, great natural light) and minimize the negatives (for example, a smaller space, or traffic noise), using modern office design ideas and innovations.Strategy, timeline and goals: Approach your office remodel the way you’d approach any other company project – define your objectives, rese…

Don’t Take Poor Quality Office Chairs Sitting Down

Many employees who spend six or more hours sitting at a desk through their workday suffer from health and comfort issues that can be directly related to their desk chair, especially if they are taller or bigger people. Fixed height chairs make sitting an awkward activity for anyone who isn’t lucky enough to fit into those exact manufacturing specifications, which can result in back, shoulder and neck pain.

How do ergonomic chairs work?

Ergonomic chairs are simply chairs that can be adjusted to fit almost anyone, and that provide support to your body in the sitting position. With such a simple solution to such a serious problem, there’s no reason why anyone should be working in discomfort.
Good ergonomic chairs allow the user to:

Adjust seat heightsHave a generous range limit for seat heightAdjust the vertical and frontward/backward positioning of the back restSit comfortably in the correct seat depthHave a stable seating position – a five-point base is recommended
Health benefits of erg…

How To Add Character, Style And Comfort To Your Cubicles

When many of us think about cubicles, our minds immediately go to images of those iconic dull, uniform and drone-like office spaces of the 1970s. Fortunately, these useful office workspace dividers have come a long way since then, with modern office cubicles featuring vastly improved designs, additional functionality and style, thanks to the innovative use of color, materials and in-built tech features. Business owners can take this creativity and individuality even further using these tips!

Define your décor policy: One of the easiest ways to achieve a more enjoyable and functional cubicle desk system is to encourage your employees to get involved. This has the dual result of improving your workplace as well as helping your employees take ownership. Simple rules just need to be put in place to ensure that creative ideas stay within the boundaries of your workplace culture and company vision. If you want to make the process even more fun, hold a competition!Plants: Greenery adds life …

Boardroom Furniture – A Buyer’s Guide

Boardrooms are one of the most important areas of your office space, at the top of the office furniture hierarchy. This is because it holds important functions for both your executive team and employees, as well as clients, shareholders and committees. As such, it has to not only embody the focus and culture of your business, but also provide a high level of functionality – and achieving this means buying the right modern boardroom furniture. Here’s a quick, useful guide.

Function first through modern boardroom design 

While looks are important, they come second to functionality. Boardroom furniture has come a long way from simply being the biggest and most expensive desk in the office, and clever designs now incorporate a wide range of practical functionality into this important furniture. Desks are now available in a huge range of shapes and sizes to allow for more flexible seating and use. A Boardroom table can be a single table or a composite table that can be split up for everyda…

What To Do With Your Old Office Furniture

Updating commercial office interiors, moving to a new building or expanding your company usually means one thing – dealing with used office furniture. Sometimes this is more of a challenge than expected, as simply throwing them in the landfill may seem easy, but in reality, is the least profitable and most environmentally-friendly option. Here are some ideas on how to make this process easier, more profitable and more eco-friendly.

Recycle, Upcycle and Go Green 
Because going Green is such an important focus for many companies, corporate office furniture specialists are offering services to help you remove office surplus in a way that gets used furniture off your hands but doesn’t simply bin it.

In fact, these services often specialize in upcycling – the process whereby old furniture is broken down and re-designed into new, useful items that can then benefit modern offices and be put to use once more in the workplace environment.

Upcycling can take care of many surplus items that ofte…