How to Choose the Right Conference Room Tables

Every business, no matter the industry, needs a conference table. These pieces of furniture create a central hub in your workplace that facilitates meetings, brainstorming sessions, formal client meetings, employee interviews and much more, so it makes sense that a lot of consideration needs to go into choosing the right one. Here are some tips from our contemporary office furniture team.

The Best Shape Conference Room Table for your Space 

The right shape conference table is more than just a design choice – it changes how flexible and easy the table is to use. Round tables are the most flexible as it is easy to add or remove chairs without making the table too cramped or widely spaced, as no one gets stuck on a corner. This is also the best shape for smaller meeting rooms or tight spaces.

Square tables work best in smaller spaces too, and provide a larger workspace than round tables. Square tables can also be joined together easily to expand the table surface. This shape doesn’t gene…

What Does Your Office Space Say About Your Business?

It’s no secret that first impressions count, and for your clients, your office design and interior has a lot to say. Just think about what Google’s new, innovative Mountain View office design says about their commitment to their employees, clients and community? Or what Apple’s space-age office space says about their commitment to cutting-edge technology and pushing the limits of what’s possible? Now look at your office space and think about what it says about your business.

The Office Culture and Perception of Success 

The culture of your company is simply the personality of your business – it’s character, values, traditions and behaviors. Essentially, your office space should say something about what your company values and what you do – collaboration and creativity, technical and individual work, private client work, etc. More creative businesses often reflect this in open, flexible workspaces with funky and unusual décor, while more corporate businesses – for example, legal office…

A Look into the Design of Googles Offices in California

Google has come a long way since the two founders sat working in their friend’s Menlo Park garage in 1997, and the new office campus in Mountain View – nicknamed the Googleplex – perfectly illustrates this journey. A marriage of architectural design and billion-dollar business set for completion in 2019, the latest plans for this campus are the epitome of modern office design ideas.
Futuristic Canopy Roof Design Set in Charleston East, and the first offices that the company has built from the ground up, this futuristic office design is focused around a massive 595,000 square foot, 2-storey building covered with a massive, petal-like tent roof. Not just simply an eye-catching statement, this canopy has been expertly designed to regulate climate and air quality within the building, as well as minimize noise.
Integration of Wildlife, Nature and Low-Impact Living Another impressive feature of the campus is the priority placed on natural integration with California’s flora and fauna, as w…

How The Right Corporate Office Furniture Increases Productivity

A chair is just a chair and a desk is just a desk, right? Wrong! In fact, your office furniture has a very real influence on:
• How your workspace functions, and
• On employee productivity, itself.
Here’s how a change of furniture can make a real impact on your company’s bottom line.• Communication:
Clear, easy communication is the lifeblood of a productive company:
o It supports the sharing of ideas, and
o The creative energy that is the hallmark of innovation.
Hot-desks assist with collaboration; more casual open spaces promote brainstorming.

• Comfort:
Being uncomfortable at your desk is a sure way to sink your productivity. Ergonomic desks and chairs not only assist with feeling more comfortable while seated during work hours, but also promote good health – which means less sick days spent at the physiotherapist!

• Variety:
Everyone is different, so why give all your employees the exact same desk and chair combination? Offering a variety of options may sound expensive, but not if it’s done…

Introduce Flexibility To Your Office Layout With Architectural Walls

Commercial office interiors have changed dramatically in the last ten years. One of the main features present in this change is the movable wall. So, what has driven this innovation? And what are the benefits? Here’s what the design specialists say:

• Flexibility drives down costs, drives up productivity
In many cities around the USA and the world, office space is at a premium. It’s expensive, it’s difficult to come by in sought-after commercial centers and it’s almost impossible to find a space that works for your business in its current state. Simply put, there’s too little space and businesses have too many needs. Old school open plan offices filled to the brim with cubicles just don’t work for many companies: not as a cost-effective option and certainly not as a productive space.

This has driven office design companies to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions that allow businesses to expand and change as their needs evolve.

One such solution is movable archi…

The Top Office Design Trends Of The Year

Flexible layouts: This year has been all about having a workplace as adaptive and functional as possible, allowing it to change with the requirements of the company, team and individual. From modular furniture that can be easily moved and rearranged for different purposes to glass architectural walls that can be shifted to change layouts and create open and closed office spaces, flexibility is all about making space work for you and your company.
Mother nature: Offices are increasingly integrating themselves with nature, whether they are utilizing recycled or environmentally friendly products and contemporary office furniture or creating open natural spaces like gardens and rooftop gardens for employees to enjoy.
Future-proofing: Creating an office design that can adapt to meet new challenges is important, not only regarding your company’s agility but also in terms of adapting to and implementing new office technologies. Using soft wiring, for example, is a simple installation method fo…

How to create the most effective hot-desking workspace

Hot-desking – it’s the buzzword of the year when it comes to modern office design ideas. But like any other trend, it only works when approached and applied in a considered way. Here are some tips about how to develop and implement this office space configuration effectively from your contemporary office furniture specialists: Understand hot desking concerns: For many employees, having their own, dedicated space in which to work is important. They need: A safe space to store their own things,To keep their seats adjusted to the correct level, andTo know that they won’t have to fight for space every morning just to get their work done. Consider ways in which your office can manage these concerns: from having private locker space and sectioned-off office spaces for quiet or more private work, as well as strict cleaning up policies. It’s not just about undesignated desks: While the main attraction of hot-desking is that employees can work wherever it suits them and network amongst themselv…